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Travel advices

If you travel by flight

If you come from other country, the fastest path to arrive is flight. Guadalajara has the International Airport Miguel Hidalgo, located 17 km at south in the highway Guadalajara-Chapala, it's only 30 minutes far from the metropolitan area.

There you can find bank services, divise exchange offices, mailing services, restaurants and stores; in addition to safe local transport by land as taxis and buses. The average cost of a travel to the city is around $160.00 and $350.00 pesos in taxi and $10.00 pesos taking a public transport bus, which departs each hour to the city.

It's common some international flights has stopovers in the International Airport Benito Juarez of Mexico City. In that case, if you must wait for several hours for your depart, we recommend you to always take care of your baggage and don't exit from the airport during the night.

If you travel by bus

If you're already inside Mexico but in a different city, maybe the best way to you to travel is taking a bus. In that case you will arrive to the New Bus Station of Guadalajara which is located 10 km far from the downtown of Guadalajara.

There you'll find taxi services and local bus transport. The cost of a taxi may vary depending the length of the route you're taking, but it may be around $150 pesos. We recommend you take on the taxi services of any module inside the bus station, there you can know the exact price so you'll be able to arrive safe and comfortable.

Source: The information of international section was provided by the General Coordination for Cooperation and Internationalization.