Lagos University Center

CULAGOS is located in the northern part of the Altos Region of Jalisco, with a campus in Lagos de Moreno and another one in San Juan de los Lagos.

This University Center serves the municipalities of Encarnación de Díaz, Lagos de Moreno, Ojuelos, San Diego de Alejandría, San Juan de los Lagos, Unión de San Antonio, and Villa Hidalgo.

It is comprised of two Divisions: Regional Culture Studies, and Studies on Biodiversity and Technological Innovation, as well as four Departments: Humanities, Foreign Arts and Cultures, Social Sciences and Economic Development, Exact Sciences and Technology, and Earth and Life Sciences.

CULAGOS offers 19 programs: an associate degree program, 16 Bachelor’s degree programs, a Master’s, and a Ph. D.

Its current student population is 2,201 students: 2,199 in the Bachelor’s degree program, and 2 in the Master’s. The faculty at CULAGOS totals 195 teachers, 64 of whom are full-time teachers and 38 full-time research professors. Of these, 27 belong to the SNI.

CULAGOS has two libraries, with 25,697 titles in 44,159 volumes and 508 computers to support its academic activities.


Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011