University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering

This center comprises three Divisions: Basic Science, Electronics and Computing, and Engineering.

Its twelve Departments are Computer Sciences, Electronics, Pharmaceutical-Biological Sciences, Physics, Civil Engineering and Topography, Project Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical-Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Wood, Cellulose and Paper, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

The CUCEI offers 36 degree programs, of which 7 are associate degree programs, 13 Bachelor’s, 11 Master’s, four Ph.D. programs, and one specialization.

It has a student population of 11,536 students: 6 in the associate degree programs, 11,371 in the Bachelor’s degree, 131 in the Master’s and 28 in the Ph.D. programs.

It has 903 teachers, of whom 515 are full-time teachers, 234 full-time research professors, 126 belong to the SNI.

There are several research centers at CUCEI: The centers devoted to advanced study and applied research within the CUCEI include the Center for Earth Science Studies and the Institutes of Astronomy and Meteorology, Seismic Engineering, and Wood, Cellulose and Paper.

CUCEI has four libraries, with 34,772 titles and 94,127 volumes, and more than 3,612 computers to support the activities of its teachers and students.

Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011