Coast of Jalisco University Center

Located in Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific Coast of Jalisco, it serves the higher education needs of the municipalities of Cabo Corrientes, La Huerta, Mascota, Puerto Vallarta, San Sebastián del Oeste, Talpa de Allende, and Tomatlán.

It is comprised of three Divisions, Engineering, Social and Economic Studies, and Biological and Health Studies, and ten Departments: Exact Sciences, Information Sciences and Technologies, Arts, Education and Humanities, International Studies and Foreign Languages, Law Studies, Socio-Economic Studies, Administrative and Accounting Studies, Psychology, and Medical and Biological Sciences.

CUCOSTA offers 27: 4 associate degree programs, 15 Bachelor’s degree, 6 Master’s degree, and two Ph. D. programs.

Its student population totals 4,643 students, of whom 4,567 are in Bachelor’s degree programs, 50 in Master’s degree, and 26 in Ph. D. programs.

427 teachers work at CUCOSTA. 93 of them are full-time teachers. The center has 37 full-time research professors, 18 of whom belong to SNI.

Some of CUCOSTA’s research centers and services are the Center for Specialized Family Studies (CEEFAM), where interdisciplinary studies aimed at analyzing and researching the structure, the evolution, and the problems faced by families are conducted, and the Center for Studies on Sustainable Tourism Development (CEDESTUR), which conducts multi-disciplinary research and studies on issues of primary importance for the region and the Pacific Coast of Mexico, with the collaboration of researchers working in this area.

Its library contains 32,654 titles and 61,839 volumes, plus 1,777 computers to support all its activities.


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