University Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences

This center is comprised by three Divisions: the Biological and Environmental Science Division, which includes the departments of Molecular and Cell Biology, Botany and Zoology, Environmental Science, and Applied Ecology; the Veterinary Science Division, comprised of the Departments of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Production, and Public Health, and the Agricultural Science Division, with the departments of Sustainable Rural Development, Agricultural Production, and Forestry.

The CUCBA offers 19 programs: 1 specialization, 2 associate degree programs, 5 Bachelor’s degree, 7 Master’s and 4 Ph.D. programs.

The student population totals 3,755 students, of whom 3,636 are in the Bachelor’s degree programs, 77 in the Master’s degree programs, and 42 in the Ph.D. programs.

There are 506 teachers, 353 of whom are full-time teachers. 208 of the teachers are full-time research professors and two are part-time research professors. 78 professors belong to the SNI.

The CUCBA also houses seven research centers: Clinical Veterinary Science, Animal Pathology, Sustainable Rural Development, Physical Environment Studies, Studies and Research in Behavioral Sciences, Plant Parasitology, and Agricultural Production Systems.

The Institutes of Environment and Human Communities, Neurosciences, Cell Physiology, Neurobiology, Molecular Genetics, Limnology, Management and Use of Phytogenetic Resources, Seed Science and Technology, and Botany, are also at the CUCBA.

The CUCBA has four libraries, with 28,691 titles (55,123 volumes), and 1,922 computer terminals to support the work of its teachers and students.

Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011