University Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences

The CUCEA comprises three Divisions: Economics and Society, Business Management, and Accounting, which are in turn comprised of fourteen Departments: Management, Auditing, Social and Legal Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Regional Studies, Finance, Taxes, Marketing and International Business, Quantitative Methods, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Tourism, and Recreation and Services.

The CUCEA offers 27 programs, of which 2 are associate degree programs, 11 Bachelor’s, 12 Master’s degree and 2 Ph.D. programs.

It serves a student population of 15,550 students: 14,602 in the Bachelor’s degree, 918 in the Master’s degree and 30 in the Ph.D. programs.

The center’s faculty totals 871 teachers, of whom 419 are full-time teachers, 131 full-time research professors, and 2 part-time research professors. 45 of them belong to the SNI.

The CUCEA features 10 Research Centers on Dynamics of Small and Middle-Sized Enterprises, Organizations, Networks and Innovation Systems, Industrial Policies on Science and Technology, Human Talent and Enterprising Leadership, Quality and Innovation in Higher Education, Strategies, Quality and Sustainable Development, International Business, Competitiveness, Knowledge Management and Technological Innovation, Gender and Labor Markets, and Gender and Policies.

The center has a library (Center of Information Resources) with 54,485 titles and 123,487 volumes, as well as 3,560 computers to support the work of teachers and students, both indoors and outdoors, in its “cyber-garden.”

Source: "University of Guadalajara: Tradition, Education, Achievement", Institutional Brochure ,October 2011